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about 2: electric boogaloo

How nice of you to come all this way to get to know me better! Here are a few more facts about myself:

  • My favorite video games include the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, Metal Gear series, and Super Smash Bros. series. I'll always say that the Mystery Dungeon series is better than the main series until the day I die. I also really, really like Genshin Impact.

  • I really like memes and have a decent stash of them. If I feel the need to use a meme but don't have one that fits the situation, I draw one. (See right.)

  • I'm working on a novel that is currently about 400,000 words long. You can find it somewhere online.

  • No, I am not related to Mao Zedong as far as I'm aware. Please stop asking.

all pokemon are red or blue.gif

I drew this in response to a meme a friend sent me that said you could summarize every Pokémon version as "red" or "blue".

It just bothered me, you know? ...No, just me?

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